This Killed A 79 year Old Man in Chino California

Car vs bicycle accident in victorville caCar v. Bicycle Accident in California 

Tragically, a 79-year-old bicyclist in Chino was struck by a 73-year-old motorist while traveling on southbound on Central Avenue. The cause of the collision remains under investigation as of the date of this post. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Traffic Safety Facts, in 2012, 726 bicyclists lost their lives in accidents with various types of motor vehicles. Additionally, there were about 49,000 bicycle injuries of various degrees in 2012 according to the NHTSA, Traffic Safety Facts. Two additional facts are that 69% of all bike accidents occur in urban areas and nearly 90% of all bicycle deaths or injuries involve males.

These accidents can be extremely challenging for the families of the victims of these accidents. The suddenness of the loss and the uncertainty of the cause is often overwhelming. Following the loss, there are so many questions to answer and issues to resolve. Many of these issues cannot be resolved without the assistance of a lawyer because so often the issues involve legal matters.

Right now, the cause of this accident is uncertain, so there may have been no ability for the cyclist to protect himself from this accident, or he may have contributed to the accident.  That information will be developed through investigation and interviews.  In some car v. bicycle accidents, the injuries can be minimized and in other instances, the accident can be avoided altogether.

Bicycle Safety Tips 

1. Never ride at night without proper lighting and reflective clothing.

2. Follow all traffic laws.

3. Wear an appropriate protective helmet.

4. Use bike lanes if available.

5. Make yourself highly aware of your surroundings and make others aware of you.

6. If you own a car or are insured under an automobile policy, make sure you maintain uninsured motorist coverage, which could be used to help pay for the injuries or loss of life in a bicycle accident, if the driver had insufficient insurance coverage or none at all.

The Inland Empire Law Group encourages all bicyclist to be safe out there when using the roads. If a bicyclist does suffer an injury or is killed in an accident, seek the cyclist or family should seek the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney to help find answers to the questions of what happened and how can you recover for your losses. For more information call 909-481-0100 or send us a message for information directly relevant to your circumstances.

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