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As I was driving along the I-210 freeway, I was thinking about the number of people who have suffered at the hands of a drunk driver.  To drive this point home, I recently read an article that recounted a December 20, 2009 accident with a women who lost her life on the San Bernardino Freeway (I-10) after she was struck from behind by a drunk driver traveling at more than 120 miles per hour.
It was reported that the accident happened early in the morning around 2:42 a.m.  The suspected drunk driver was a 43 year old Anaheim man driving a 2009 Acura MDX.  He was seen going 120 mph on the eastbound 10 Freeway, just east of Santa Anita Avenue and west of Peck Road in El Monte, as reported by Patrol Officer Krystal Carter of the California Highway.
As a result of the complete lack of regard for other’s safety, the drunk driver’s car struck a 1994 Mitsubishi driven by a 42-year-old Ontario woman who was minding her business and driving within the speed limit.  According to the California Highway Patrol, traffic had slowed when the driver of the Acura violently struck the rear of the Mitsubishi.
Tragically, the Ontario, California resident sustained extreme and severe injuries from the impact and passed away.  Additionally, the Mitsubishi had two other passengers who were also injured by the gross negligence of this drunk driver.  As is so often the case, despite the violent nature of the collision, Vanauken, (the drunk driver) sustained only minor injuries according to the patrol officer.  Information concerning the blood alcohol level of the drunk driver disclosed that his blood alcohol level was over the legal limit.  Now, as a result of his choices, he faces criminal charges and the guilt of having caused the death of another human being.  However, more tragic is the pain that will be felt by the family of the Ontario woman who will no longer be with them simply because someone else drove drunk.
With tens of thousands of lives lost annually at the hands of drunk drivers, I just wonder how long as a society we put up with this conduct.  If you see a drunk driver call 911 immediately.  If you see someone trying to get in a car after drinking, please try to stop them.  It is better that you hurt their feelings, then they destroy their life and that of others.

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