Adelanto Personal Injury Attorney | Head-on Collision Sadly Causes the Death of an Adelanto Man

It was recently reported that Frank Wellman, a 60-year-old gentleman from Adelanto died recently during the late afternoon hours as a result of a head-on collision.  Mr. Wellman was on Bridle Path Drive in Fontana, California when Dale Fossler of Phelan was traveling in the opposite direction (westbound) on Coyote Canyon Road (also known as Duncan Canyon Road) where the roads curve into each other.  It appears from all reports that Mr. Fossler’s vehicle crossed the painted center dividing line into the path of Mr. Wellman’s eastbound vehicle.

According to all information, the accident remains under investigation.  However, it should be noted that local residents reported the dangerousness of this intersection several years prior to this accident.  According to Fontana Police Department records, on January 8, 2007, residents familiar with that area, informed the Fontana Police at a Hunter’s Ridge Community Meeting that there had been numerous accidents at this blind spot in the road where there is a sharp curve.  The residents asked if there was anything that could be done in regard to the speeder around the curve.   The City of Fontana’s, Eric Lewis with the Engineering advised the police “These 2 roadways do not intersect. Clarification is required. However, speeding motorists are curtailed through increased enforcement.”  From an Internet search, nothing further was done after several accidents and citizen concerns.

Accidents are often caused by merely negligent drivers, but may also be caused as a result of defective construction, dangerous conditions of public property or improper maintenance of roadways.  It is unclear whether this accident was caused by anything other than operator error, but in any accident like this, careful research and consultation with an expert is critical.

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