I- 210 Accident, Driver Loses Control of Vehicle

Interstate 210 through Rancho Cucamonga has seen its share of traffic accidents. Some are as a result of multiple cars all coming together in a massive collision, while others involve a single car. On Saturday night, February 23, 2013, a 39 year old man from Camarillo lost his life when the driver of a 2003 Jeep Liberty somehow lost control of the vehicle. The Jeep struck the shoulder of the freeway and then flipped several times. Edward Rust was a passenger of that vehicle and unfortunately died at the scene of the accident.

So the questions that are raised after a car accident like this include: How did this happen? Who was at fault? Was there more than one cause of this accident, or was it just driver error? Were there defects in the road or vehicle that either caused the accident or contributed to the injuries? Was alcohol, drugs or fatigue a contributing factor? Finally, were seat belts in use? Unfortunately, unless there are witnesses to the accident, or a reconstruction of the accident, the answers may never be fully known to all these questions.

Often investigating officers do a good job of identifying the basic cause of an accident. On the other hand, other significant contributing factors can get missed during a simple investigation. Securing the assistance of a good personal injury or wrongful death attorney helps you find out other causes for an accident. If other causes are found, there may be more than one person, entity or government agency responsible for the accident, the injuries or the death of an accident victim.

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