A man from Arleta was very lucky following an accident in Redlands when his truck was struck by a Moreno Valley woman driving a Toyota Scion who apparently missed a curve and crossed a double yellow line on San Timoteo Road. When she crossed the double yellow line she collided with Mr. Thomas Pruett's pick up truck. The truck burst in to flames while Mr. Pruett was still stuck in the truck with serious injuries. Because of some incredible good Samaritans who came on the scene they were able to pull Mr. Pruett from the truck and then proceeded to put out the fire before the fire department had arrived.

Clearly, Mr. Pruett was a lucky man to have been found by two people who were willing to reach out on his behalf before he suffered more serious injuries or death. It is our hope that Mr. Pruett’s recovery be prompt and without complications.

A momentary negligent act can cause life changing injuries to a perfectly innocent driver. Unfortunately, similar scenarios occur many times a day throughout California along its roadways and highways. Protecting yourself form the effects of serious injuries start with purchasing the right kind and amount of insurance. Your own insurance coverage may be the only source of recovery available following a car wreck. The more insurance coverage you have, the better prepared you will be to shoulder the unexpected injuries arising from a car accident.

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