Victorville Accident Sends a Truck into a House

Truck crashes into house in CaliforniaOn the evening of December 3, 2014, a pickup truck and a tow truck collided sending the pickup part way into a house while the tow truck knocked down a light pole at the intersection of Nisqualli Road and 3rd Avenue in Victorville. Three people were injured in the accident and were treated at local hospitals. The house suffered major damage. The cause of the accident and other contributing factors are under investigation.

Accidents of this nature involve many types of claims and several potential claimants. First, depending on who caused the accident, the non-responsible drive and/or any passenger would have a claim for personal injuries, medical expenses, loss of earnings, as well as property damage for the damage to the vehicle. Additionally, if the non-responsible vehicle was used for work, then a claim for loss of earnings from the use of the truck can also be claimed. Next, the homeowner, as well as the City, would have a claim for property damage. Ultimately, if the responsible individual does not have sufficient insurance coverage for all the damages claimed, then a potential claim may exist under the injured party’s underinsured motorist insurance coverage or through a homeowner’s insurance policy.

With as many complications as there are in this accident and as many potential claimants, having an experienced attorney to help sift through the issues and assist with making sure all avenues are properly pursued. Personal injury attorneys are best suited to handle accidents of this nature. 

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