Victorville Intersection Accident Results in Death of Motorist – July 8, 2012

Intersection collisions can be difficult to prove fault if those involved in the accident are not truthful concerning all that led up to the accident.  Let me explain.  I have had several cases where both drivers claimed that they each had a green light to enter the intersection.  Each was accusing the other as being at fault for the accident.  Obviously, without independent witnesses, it is very difficult to prove one person is right and the other wrong.  I mention this because of an accident I just read about inVictorville.  There was an intersection collision occurring in Victorville at the intersection of Lindero and Cypress Avenue.  Mr. Efran Ruiz, 49, suffered fatal injuries when his vehicle collided with another vehicle.  At the time of drafting this blog post, there was no indication of how the accident occurred.  The first question which arose in my mind was, why did this accident occur?  An intersection collision nearly always occurs when one or more drivers violate some traffic law.  Some of these laws might include failing to stop at a stop sign or stop light, or failing to yield to uncontrolled cross traffic.  Seldom do intersection accidents occur unless someone was negligent.

What if you, or a loved one, is involved in an intersection accident?  What do you do?  First, notify local authorities to investigate the accident.  Second, secure information about how the accident occurred.  One of the most important pieces of evidence to secure is information regarding the color of a traffic light or the condition of the intersection at the time of the collision.  This information may be derived from the parties to the accident or from witnesses to the accident.  I have seen way too many cases where both parties claim they both had a green light to proceed through the intersection.  If this happens, unless you have an independent witness or some evidence to dispute the claim, the insurance company will support their insured and will do all they can to defeat your claim for damages.

Watch my video on using your smart phone to gather evidence at the accident scene to help you avoid some of the trouble in proving your injury case.  If you have had the experience of suffering injuries from an intersection accident, and you believe the other driver was responsible for your accident, I would like to hear about your experience to see if we can help you resolve your claim or help you prove your case.

How to use your smartphone at an accident

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