Drunk Driver in Johnson Valley Takes Three Lives

Posted on Feb 04, 2013
Once again, a drunk driver ended the lives of three young aspiring men.  The Sun reported that the High Desert saw the loss of three teenagers in a head on car crash on Old Woman Springs Road in Johnson Valley. The California Highway Patrol determined that a drunk driver crossed into the opposite lane to pass a slower vehicle. The drunk driver’s 2012 Chevrolet Silverado slammed into an oncoming 2001 Saturn with three teenagers inside. Tyler Correll, of Hesperia was driving the Saturn at the time of the accident. Ruben Ramos and another passenger were also in the Saturn. The drunk driver was immediately arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.
Drunk driving accounts for so many fatalities across the Nation. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration counted 10,228 people dying in drunk driving accidents of the total 32,885 people who died in traffic crashes in 2010 in the United States. Nearly one third of all traffic deaths that year were at the hands of drunk drivers. Maybe some day we as a society will rise up against these drunk drivers and do more to prevent our children and families from being killed on the road.
The families of these teenagers, most likely their parents and/or siblings will be dealing with so many issues. First and foremost will be the shocking emotional loss of losing their sons. Next, they will need to deal with funeral arrangements and expenses. Then comes the long term suffering.  
Finally, is the need for a good personal lawyer to help the families seek all the available financial compensation from the drunk driver, his insurance company and other sources of possible recovery. In tragic accidents like this one, often times lawyers and their surrogates, hunt down the suffering families to get them to “sign up” with the lawyer. Direct contact of this type is unethical and illegal. See Rule of Professional Conduct, Rule 1-400. More times than not, these lawyers fail to provide proper legal representation. Any person contacted directly by a lawyer or his or her representative without being first asked to speak with an accident victim or their family is not appropriate according to the attorney’s code of professional responsibility. Lawyers who are willing to violate these rules are not the type of lawyers that should be handling serious and critical cases.
Searching for the right lawyer should include interviews with several lawyers. Research on the Internet for a lawyer. Find a highly rated lawyer.  AVVO provides lawyer ratings. Look for a lawyer with a 10.0 rating and positive client reviews.