Four Vehicle Victorville Collision Hospitalizes Three

Posted on Nov 12, 2015
Multi Car Accident in San Bernadino CaliforniaIn a four vehicle accident on the I-15 freeway in Victorville, California, three people were hospitalized on August 13, 2013. According to the Victorville Daily Press, the accident was caused by a 22 year old driver running her car into the back of a Mitsubishi Galant. The Galant was then sent forward towards a Honda. Upon this second impact, the Galant lost control slamming into the center guardrail and into a fourth vehicle. The first car that caused the accident then also struck the fourth vehicle.
Following a multi-car collision, or when more than just a couple of people are injured in the collision, many challenges arise in trying to secure proper compensation and when trying to resolve all the injury claims arising from the traffic accident. With multiple claims being made against an insurance policy, one of the biggest concerns is whether there will be enough insurance available to fully compensate all the injured accident victims. An insurance company will want to try to minimize the amount it has to pay the injured persons, while protecting its insured from claims which may exceed the insurance policy limits. Because the value of the claims may exceed the available insurance coverage, conflicts between claimants may arise because each is trying to secure the most compensation for themselves. These conflicts can prevent an insurance company from settling any of the claims until all claimants agree to a global settlement.
A key to resolving these complicated issues, is to hire a high quality personal injury attorney. That attorney can navigate the challenges, look at all the options available and aggressively negotiate the best result for you. Finally, if trial is necessary, that lawyer must have the capacity to take the case all the way for the best outcome. Waiting too long to seek legal advice from a personal injury attorney could cause you to lose opportunities and reduce your optimal recovery from your injuries and damages. 
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