Traffic Accident Fatalities in the Inland Empire Go Up

Posted on Feb 10, 2014
This weekend, February 7 through 9, 2014, saw a tragic spike in fatalities throughout the Inland Empire. Three of these deaths occurred in San Bernardino County, with two in the High Desert on Interstate 15 and Lenwood Road, and one in Rancho Cucamonga on the 210 freeway. The San Bernardino County Coroner’s Office shared with the public that one death was on the I-15 at Baker following a Suburban losing control. An elderly woman was tossed from the vehicle and died shortly after the accident. 
The second accident was caused by a negligent driver who crossed a double yellow line and ended up in a head on collision on Lenwood Road in Barstow. The driver of the car that crossed the double yellow line died about an hour after the accident. Certainly this collision resulted in additional injuries to any occupant of the other vehicle. 
Then four hours later after the head on collision in Barstow, a Tujunga man pulled his car to the side of the road on Interstate 210 in Rancho Cucamonga. After Cesar Lozano got out of his car, he was hit be a passing car and killed at the scene. 
Finally, in a horribly tragic wrong-way freeway accident in Diamond Bar, six people suffered fatal injuries because of a drunk driver who drove her Chevrolet Camaro into a Ford Explorer with four adults from Huntington Park. The 21 year old drunk driver of the Chevrolet Camaro, and her two passengers Kristin Melissa Young and Maya Louise Culbreath, were traveling eastbound on the westbound 60 Freeway near Phillips Ranch Road when the accident occurred. The two Camaro passengers were instantly killed in the collision as were all the occupants of the Ford Explorer. The Camaro driver, Olivia Culbreath, who was injured but survived the crash, was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter and driving while under the influence. 
Each of these accidents were all preventable. Each of these accidents were caused by some form of negligence, or gross negligence. Some of these deaths were caused by those related to or known by the negligent driver, while others resulted from an unrelated motorist. You never know when an accident will occur, or how that accident may happen. Because there are so many unknowns when we get into our cars, we need to find ways to be prepared before going out on the road. There are several things you can do to prepare and protect you, your family and friends and others before an accident happens. My book "Victimized No More" is a great resource to find out what you can do to before an accident to give you the best chance for protection and recovery following an car accident. You can purchase my book from at a special discounted rate or from
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