The Most Deadly Areas in Rancho Cucamonga for Car Accidents

Car Accidents can be deadly; wrongful death claimsThe Type of Accident That Can Be Devastating 

Serious traffic collisions happen suddenly and without warning. When death results from the accident, the implications to the family are devastating and far reaching. Not only does the victim lose his or her life, the remaining family suffers and mourns the loss for the rest of their lives. Sometimes a fatal accident results in multiple deaths, including, an innocent driver, a passenger, a pedestrian, a bystander or the negligent driver. These fatal accidents and vehicular deaths are often caused by a drunk driver, bad road conditions, a malfunctioning vehicle, inattention, simple negligence or a combination of causes. (See below the Rancho Cucamonga traffic death statistics for 2007 to 2011.)

These auto accident deaths often lead to wrongful death claims. "Wrongful death" is a legal term essentially meaning that the death of a person was caused by the wrongful conduct of another person or entity. The purpose of a wrongful death claim is to legally allow the remaining family members to obtain financial recovery from the person (or their insurance company) whose "wrongful" actions caused the death of a loved one. When a wrongful death occurs, family members should consult and hire a personal injury attorney to help them obtain a proper monetary recovery from the responsible driver or the insurance company for that driver. While, the exchange of money for the life of a loved one is a terribly insufficient means of exchange, it is the only way society can "correct" for the wrongful death of another. Receiving money to replace the financial losses and emotional support previously provided by the deceased family member can lessen the financial burden, but will never replace the emotional loss. Click here to learn if you can bring a wrongful death claim.

Wrongful Death Claims Due To Car Accidents In Rancho Cucamonga 

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Interesting Statistics about Traffic-Related Deaths in Rancho Cucamonga from 2007 to 2011:

2011: Rancho Cucamonga car accidents caused 8 deaths

Tragically, eight people lost their lives in Rancho Cucamonga traffic accidents in 2011. These accidents involved eleven cars or trucks and eighteen total people in these accidents. In 2011, there were no death accidents caused by a drunk driver. However, five of these accidents involved pedestrians. The accidents occurred at the following locations: the I-15, 210 and 60 freeways, along Haven Avenue, Foothill Blvd., Terra Vista Parkway, Church Street and Milliken Avenue.

2010 Rancho Cucamonga fatal traffic collisions caused 7 deaths

Seven people fell victim to traffic collisions in Rancho Cucamonga. These accidents were caused by negligent drivers and one drunk driver. Eleven cars or trucks were a part of these death collisions and saw 15 total people in these accidents. Only one of these accidents involved a pedestrian. These seven traffic-related deaths occurred on the I-15 and 210 freeways, Church Street, Grove Avenue, Jack Benny Dr. and Milliken Avenue.

2009 Rancho Cucamonga fatal traffic accidents cause 6 deaths

Involved in these 6 deaths, there were nine cars involved in these accidents, two pedestrians, and fourteen people directly affected in these accidents. Three of those fatalities involved three drunk drivers. Two of these deaths occurred on the I-15 freeway, one on the 210 freeway and three accidents were on the surface streets of Rancho Cucamonga, including, 19th St, Jasper St, Haven Ave. and Salina Street.

2008 Rancho Cucamonga fatal car crashes and road traffic accidents caused 11 deaths

In 2008, Rancho Cucamonga had 9 fatal car accidents, with 11 fatalities, 28 persons involved and with three of those deaths being pedestrians. What is strangely fascinating about these accidents, all of them occurred in the morning hours between midnight to noon. Four of the deaths took place on the freeways intersecting Rancho Cucamonga, namely, the I-15 and SR-210 freeways. Only two of the accidents resulted from drunk drivers. Finally, the balance of the fatal traffic accidents in Rancho Cucamonga were on the surface streets, including, Church Street, Haven Avenue, Coriander Ct., Carol Avenue, Utica and 6th Street.

2007 Rancho Cucamonga fatal car crashes and road traffic accidents caused 12 deaths

Similar to 2008, Rancho Cucamonga saw fatal traffic collisions on both the freeways and surface streets. Once again, every accident which resulted in a death took place in the morning hours. The vehicle traffic on the State Route 210 freeway caused 4 of the deaths, some at the hands of drunk drivers. Interstate 15 saw two of those deaths, and the balance of the 7 deaths took place on the surface streets. Seven of the fatal accidents were caused by drunk drivers.