On Monday, February 3, 2014, in Adelanto, California, a woman was driving a Kia on eastbound Air Expressway when her vehicle collided with eight other cars which were stopped for a red light at the intersection of Highway 395. This accident caused injuries to seven people including the driver of the Kia. Two of the people involved in the accident, including the Kia’s driver, were airlifted to a local hospital, while the others were transported to local hospitals with lesser injuries by ambulance. From witness observations, it appears that the driver of the Kia never stopped for the traffic ahead of her causing the accident.

What happens now for the injury victims of this accident? Each of these injury victims are going to have to deal with a multitude of challenges, including financial, physical and emotional. Here is a short list of some of the 5 most pressing issues immediately following an accident:

1. The first issue is trying to secure the right medical care for as full a recovery as possible. Immediate medical care is important if injuries were sustained in the accident.

2. The second issue is trying to get the car repaired or replaced from the damage caused in the traffic collision. This item also involves securing temporary transportation with a rental car while the car is being repaired or replaced.

3. The third issue is dealing with the financial strain due to the inability to work during the recovery from the injuries suffered. Whether these injuries are temporary or more severe, there will generally be some time lost from work which will cause hardship, either great or small.

4. The fourth concern is whether there is enough insurance coverage to fully compensate all the injured people and their vehicles. California’s insurance requirements only mandate a minimum liability policy with insurance limits of $15,000 maximum for any one person hurt in an accident and $30,000 maximum to cover all people involved in the accident, regardless of the number of people hurt. $10,000 for all property damage caused in an accident. That is not enough insurance for the accident in Adelanto mentioned above. If the injury victims have properly insured themselves with appropriate uninsured motorist coverage, then they can be less worried if the at fault driver was insufficiently insured.

5. The fifth issue is whether an attorney is needed to help with this claim and where to go to find good legal help. If the accident was minor or did not result in injuries, then in most instances, an attorney is not needed. However, if the injuries require medical care, such as more than a brief examination, then a lawyer should be immediately hired so the interests of the injury victim can be protected.

Finding the right attorney who can help with all these issues can relieve stress and anxiety from the accident so physical and financial recovery can take place. An attorney can assist in finding the right doctor(s) to treat the injuries. A personal injury lawyer can discover all the available insurance coverage to be used to compensate for the losses incurred. The attorney can help with resolving both the property damage loss and the recovery of loss of earnings. The lawyer will be able to take over the dealings with the trained insurance adjusters and insurance lawyers. The key to the right lawyer, is the one who can do all the things necessary for the case, while reducing the stress and anxiety to the injury victim during the claim process.

Consider the David H. Ricks and the Inland Empire Law Group as the legal source to go to for help with financial recoveries from personal injuries from car, truck or motorcycle accidents.

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