Motorcycle accidents often result in more severe injures and more deaths than the typical car accident

If you are a motorcyclist driving on Southern California freeways or roadways, you have probably had one or more near accidents or even actual crashes as a result of a driver not paying attention or not seeing the motorcycle rider when a car changes lanes or makes a turn directly in your path.

Unfortunately, a majority of motorcycle accidents result in serious injuries and death. The lawyers at the Inland Empire Law Group in Rancho Cucamonga, California, have represented motorcycle riders injured due to a negligent car or truck driver and those who were injured by motorcyclists who are inattentive or traveling at dangerous speeds.

Motorcycles Accidents Are Significantly More Likely to Be Fatal than Car Accidents

Approximately 4,000 motorcyclists are killed every year. Additionally, 80,000 motorcycle accidents injure riders in traffic accidents. It is easy to understand the severity and frightening frequency of such accidents. Per vehicle mile traveled in 2004, it has been shown that motorcycle drivers are 34 times more likely to die than a passenger in a car.

While motorcycles only account for 2% of registered vehicles, they account for 10% of all traffic deaths.

If You’ve Been Injured, Our Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Are Here to Help

At the Inland Empire Law Group, we team with experts in investigating the crash site as soon as we can. Evidence must be preserved so we can establish your case if you were injured on a motorcycle due to a negligent driver. If you have lost a loved on in a motorcycle accident, your injury lawyer at our firm will settle or litigate your wrongful death claim with dedication, compassion and diligence.

  For a quality attorney experienced in motorcycle accident injuries anywhere in the Inland Empire or High Desert, call the Inland Empire Law Group today at 909-481-0100 for a free, no-obligation consultation.


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