car accident attorneyAs if being rear-ended and injured from an accident wasn’t bad enough add Insult to injury, I had to deal with insurance companies.  

With each obstacle the insurance companies placed before me David H. Ricks & Associates quickly and efficiently defused each obstacle. They guided me with professionalism and kindness. While dealing with the insurance companies for years; David H. Ricks & Associates stood by me with strong presence and strong perseverance.

 I did not have to deal with insurance company tactics alone. When left to feel insignificant and that my injuries did not matter to an insurance company. David H. Ricks & Associates were there for me and treated me with respect, compassion and encouragement. They were there with me every step of the way. They never got discourage or lost sight of what was rightful due to me. They kept a positive and productive momentum throughout. They treated me with care, dignity and respect. 

The office staff were always welcoming and very considerate. They always brightened my day during office visits. David H. Ricks & Associates were always there for me anytime I needed them. I never felt I had to go through anything alone.  David Ricks always made time for me and answered all my questions. He is truly a wonderful person.

David H. Ricks & Associates accomplished very favorable compensations for me. They are a pleasure to work with and they really took good care of me the whole way through. They are truly a blessing. 

Thank you!  David H. Ricks and Associates for all you have done for me.

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Dawn Bryan