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From our personal injury law office in Rancho Cucamonga, we’re proud to provide the entire Inland Empire region with the experienced legal representation it deserves. If you’ve been injured because of someone else’s negligence, our personal injury law office is here to help.

Our personal injury law firm handles car accidentstruck accidentsmotorcycle accidentsslip and fall accidentsdog bites and animal attacksmedical malpractice and wrongful death cases.

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personal injury lawyer Rancho CucamongaWhen Should You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Rancho Cucamonga?

If you were involved in an accident that caused you serious injuries or the death of a loved one, you should seek help from a lawyer right away. Having an injury attorney early following an accident helps you avoid mistakes that are made by inexperienced accident victims dealing with highly trained insurance adjusters.

If the injury is clearly not serious and your pain goes away within a few days or even a month, you probably don’t need a lawyer to help you with your claim. These injuries are generally resolved effectively by simple negotiations between the injury victim and the insurance adjuster. They are generally resolved for small amounts of money.

However, remember, if you are still hurt, don’t settle your case until you are better. If you don’t improve quickly with reasonable medical care, contact our Rancho Cucamonga personal injury lawyer for help.

4 Benefits of Quickly Hiring a Rancho Cucamonga Injury Attorney

If your case is one which should be handled by a lawyer, waiting too long to hire an attorney may detrimentally affect your claim. Here are just four reasons why you should seek a lawyer early following an accident:

  1. The insurance adjuster will want to take your statement very soon after the accident. Simple inaccuracies in statements provide the insurance companies with ammunition to use against you later on when you claim you are injured. This could reduce your financial recovery from your claim. Just as criminals ask for their lawyers before speaking with the authorities, injury victims should have their lawyers before providing a statement to an insurance adjuster.
  2. Delays in pursuing a claim send a negative message to the insurance company that you are not hurt or that you aren’t interested in seeking recovery. Not getting the right medical treatment, or timely treatment, sends a message that your claim is not important to you and it should not be important to the insurance company.
  3. Significant delays may keep lawyers from wanting to represent you at all because they have not been able to assist you in properly preparing your claim. You may have attempted to settle your claim on your own. If you attempt to do so for an amount that is too low or too high, that message frames the claim and the lawyer does not have the ability to use his or her talents in establishing a proper value of the claim.
  4. Delays of more than two years on accident claims without a lawsuit filed will prevent you from pursuing any action. That’s because the statute of limitation to pursue a claim in Rancho Cucamonga, and across the state of California, has expired. You lose your rights for any recovery except in very limited and isolated circumstances.

The best advice is that after any accident, call a lawyer and see if you need a representative to fight for your rights and your recovery. We offer assistance to individuals all across California including, Victorville, San Bernadino County, San Jose, Santa Ana, Fontana, Hesperia, Ontario, Riverside, the High Desert regions and more.

Types of Damages an Experienced Rancho Cucamonga Injury Lawyer Can Help You Collect

Economic Damages to Recoup Lost Time Away from Work and Other Expenses

The damages discussed above are called economic damages. In other words, a person can use a calculator to add up these losses. For example, medical bills total $3,000, plus, loss of earnings of $1,000 and property damage of $1,500 for a total loss of $5,500 in economic damages. In the best circumstances, the negligent person’s insurance company should pay the full value of these economic losses. However, to the injury victim’s frustration, often times insurance companies do all they can to avoid paying these losses.

With medical expenses they attempt to claim that the charges were excessive, unnecessary or unrelated to the injuries suffered in the accident. This tactic is even more prevalent now because of certain judicial rulings which have made it more difficult to get full value for the medical bills. Loss of earnings are disputed on the basis that a doctor did not order the person off work, even though the injured person knew there was no way he could have performed the job functions. Property damage is often less challenging, unless you choose to use your own repair shop and not one of the insurance company's "approved shops."

Non-Economic Damages Can Compensate You for Your Pain and Suffering

Another aspect of damage is what is known as non-economic damages or "pain and suffering" damages. These losses are often the most important damages of all for the injury victim. Economic damages compensate a person for expenses paid to others or to make up for a specified financial loss. Without a recovery for non-economic damages, nothing is paid to the injured person for his or her actual loss of the benefits of life and living. I have handled cases where the economic loss was less than $20,000, but the non-economic loss was significant due to the loss of life or the inability to fully use a person’s body.

The law says, an injured person should be compensated for the following losses: Past and future physical pain, mental suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, disfigurement, physical impairment, inconvenience, grief, anxiety, humiliation, emotional distress, loss of sexual relations, and other similar items. A spouse can also have a right to damages for their losses from an injury to their spouse.

Work With Our Personal Injury Lawyer in Rancho Cucamonga

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury from the neglect of another, contact the Inland Empire Law Group to speak with our team of legal professionals who will answer your questions with straightforward responses. You can have your claim professionally evaluated so you know if you need a lawyer right at the beginning of the legal process. All of this is done for you without cost to you. Our office in Rancho Cucamonga proudly serves the entire Inland Empire and High Desert regions.

If your claim needs legal help, you can our Rancho Cucamonga personal injury attorney to represent you on a contingency fee basis and without any upfront costs to you. You will receive excellent representation from a law firm dedicated to helping injury victims and dedicated to the success of our clients. Call now, 909-481-0100 or toll free at 1-888-MY IELAW.