No one ever expects to be involved in an accident, and California residents are no exception. These events are stressful and often leave those involved confused and unsure about their rights to compensation. In this state, you may even make mistakes that could hurt your potential for financial recovery from your personal injury case in CA.

The Most Common Mistakes Made in California Personal Injury Cases

The legal process can be complicated and the help of an experienced Rancho Cucamonga personal injury lawyer can help make sure your claim has the best chance and that these common mistakes are avoided.

medical treatment for personal injury case in CAFailure to Get Medical Treatment

If you are involved in an accident and don't seek immediate medical attention, it is difficult to determine the full extent of your injuries. Even if you don't feel that you have been severely injured, seek medical attention at the emergency room or from your family doctor. Some injuries are not immediately apparent following an accident. The other party's insurer will need verification of yoru injuries through medical records and reports.  These records will help determine the nature and extent of the injuries and whether the injuries and symptoms experienced are linked to the accident.

You should also follow the recommended treatment plans from your medical providers for your accident-related injuries. According to our Rancho Cucamonga personal injury lawyer, failure to comply with treatment recommendations could negatively impact a personal injury case in CA.

Talking to the Other Party's Insurer

The other party's insurance company may contact you with some questions about the accident. You aren't legally obligated to speak to the insurance company. Once you are represented by a Rancho Cucamonga personal injury attorney, any communication about the accident should be referred to your attorney. If you have not yet retained a California personal injury attorney, you can simply tell the other party's insurer that you would like to confer with an attorney before saying anything.

The insurance company may also request that you consent to giving them a recorded statement. This is something to avoid. Once the other party's insurer has your version of how the accident happened, they and their attorneys can start to look for ways to poke holes in your story. If the other party's insurer makes this request, simply say, "No," and use one of the above responses as appropriate.  Remember, the insurance company trains its adjusters to ask questions that will be beneficial to protect their assets.  They will use that training to their advantage.  You need an experienced and skilled Rancho Cucamonga injury attorney to protect your interests and to level the imbalance of power.

Failure to Collect Information or Evidence at the Scene

If someone is injured or the accident results in a fatality, call the police. Document the injuries and take photos of any property damage (including the vehicle, fences, garages, mailboxes, etc.). If there are any witnesses, ask them for their names and contact information.  Use your cell phone to take as many pictures as reasonable. Collect as much evidence as possible.

Experts will look after the investigation. You are not required to interview witnesses or ask them what they saw when the accident occurred. Just make sure if someone was a witness, you have their information for an investigator to contact them later.

Trying to Handle the Case Yourself

It may be tempting to try to save money on your personal injury case in CA by "going after" the other party's insurance company on your own. A personal injury case in CA takes time to manage properly to obtain the best possible result on behalf of a client. If you are someone who has been injured in an accident, you already have enough to be concerned with in trying to recover, both physically and mentally.

You will be far better off allowing an injury professional to handle your personal injury case. An attorney understands the nature of your injuries and the amount of compensation you can expect to receive. They can also look at your case in an objective manner without taking anything the other party's insurance company says or does personally.

How Our Rancho Cucamonga Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You Avoid Errors

Our experienced Rancho Cucamonga personal injury lawyer is well versed in the insurance and legal process. Our attorney is in a position to educate you about how this process works. We can communicate with the other party's insurer on your behalf, relieving you of some of the stress from this situation.

If you have chosen wisely, your personal injury attorney will have the experience necessary to evaluate your claim. From there, we can negotiate on your behalf or prosecute the claim to obtain a fair and equitable settlement that reflects the full extent of your injuries.

Schedule a Consultation for Your Personal Injury Case in CA

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