The initial answer to this question is, no.  However, there are some exceptions to the rule.  First, many property owners maintain insurance with two types of coverage.  First, is liability insurance.  This pays out if the policyholder is proven to be negligent in causing the injury.  The second is a medical payment coverage.  This coverage is generally a low limit coverage of $1,000 to $10,000.00 which pays for medical expenses for an injury on a property, regardless of any fault.  The injured individual merely submits bills to the insurance company and it pays the bill.

  However, without medical payment coverage, the property owner has no obligation to pay the medical bills, unless he is found to be negligent for the injuries suffered by the claimant or plaintiff.  If an injured person proves that the injury was caused by the improper acts of the property owner, then he may recover reasonable medical expenses necessary for the treatment of the injuries caused by the accident, loss of earnings from the inability to work following the accident, other related out-of-pocket expenses and general damages, which include pain and suffering, disfigurement, loss of enjoyment of life and other intangible damages.

  Oftentimes, a claim is settled before trial because the evidence points to the possibility of liability against the property owner, or against the injured person.  If the parties to the claim can agree upon a reasonable settlement figure, the claim can resolve without a lawsuit.  Settlements are designed to limit liability to a defendant and compensate a plaintiff for the injuries suffered.


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