Attorney Shaking Hands With a New ClientCooperate with your attorney so they have what they need to build a strong case on your behalf.

A positive attorney-client relationship is essential to achieving the best possible outcome in your personal injury case. It makes sense: Your attorney has the knowledge, experience, and qualifications necessary to deftly navigate the civil litigation system, while you have valuable first-hand information about the accident and your injuries. After hiring an attorney, here are just a few of the things they may need or expect from you:

  • Follow your doctor's orders. Thorough, well-documented medical treatment is crucial to proving injury damages, so be sure to attend follow-up appointments and follow your doctor's treatment plan.  Make sure you inform your medical providers about all your injuries.  An undocumented injury is generally not recognized by the insurance company when negotiating a settlement.
  • Help gather and provide important evidence. This includes a written summary and chronology of events, as wells as information where you received your injury-related medical care.  If you have medical records, medical invoices and receipts, other receipts, wage statements, and photo, video, and journal evidence, those should also be provided to your attorney.
  • Meet deadlines, uphold agreements, and respect your attorney's time. Time is of the essence when seeking compensation for accident-related injuries and damages. Both you and your attorney are busy, which is why it's critical to respond to your attorney's calls and provide requested information and documentation promptly.  Calling everyday will not speed up the settlement of your case.  Make sure you understand how often you and your attorney should be discussing your case.  Generally, once a month is a good average.
  • Be open and honest with your attorney. Hiding things from your attorney can hurt your case. Tell your attorney everything, even if you think your actions may have contributed to your accident and injuries.  Just because you were partially at fault, in California, you are not prevented from making a claim for financial recovery. It's also important to keep your attorney up to date about any new developments or evidence.
  • Keep the attorney-client relationship professional. Your attorney is dedicated to helping you achieve your legal goals after a personal injury accident.  Since most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, the better your attorney does for you the better it is for the attorney.  Your attorney wants you to get the best recovery possible.
  •  Understand that from a settlement, costs, medical bills and legal fees will be paid. After receiving a personal injury settlement or financial award, it's important you understand there will be deductions from the settlement to pay for costs the attorney has advanced for you, reimbursement to medical providers or health insurance companies and the legal fees your attorney has postponed pending the outcome of the case.  Without these costs, generally, no recovery would have been possible

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