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As a longtime member of the Rancho Cucamonga community, the Inland Empire Law Group has had the privilege of helping members of our community when they have been hurt. We help those that have been involved in car accidents, those that have slipped and fell in a store, and those who have been bit by a dog. We like to help the members of our community, it’s what we do. This is the reason that we created a coloring book that is focused on children’s safety. We want to help to teach the young children of our community about safety. In this coloring book you will find coloring pages, crossword puzzles, connect the dots and other safety related learning activities.


Helping your child to understand the importance of being safe in the car, crossing the street or while swimming at an early age will help them to be aware about the various types of safety in the future. We hope that your child will find this coloring book to be fun and will help contribute to their learning about safety.


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