You have been involved in an auto accident, do you need to have a police report taken in order to prove your case? Find out the surprising answer in this video. 

Welcome, I am David Ricks. I am a personal injury trial lawyer in Rancho Cucamonga and the principal of the Inland Empire Law Group. Following a car collision, the people in that car collision may contact local law enforcement to have an officer arrive at the scene of the accident to investigate the accident and prepare a police report. Now, these police reports are very important and helpful in determining who is at fault for the collision. But in some instances, law enforcement will not arrive on the scene and no report is prepared or ever taken. The question is, do you need a police report to help prove your automobile collision case against the negligent party? And the answer is, no you don’t. It is helpful, especially if that report provides information that shows that the other party is responsible, but it is not a critical part at determining whether fault should be attributed to the other party. If you have a lawsuit or a claim as a result of a car collision, you do not necessarily need a police report in order to determine who is at fault for the accident. This is especially true if you have a rear end collision case or some other type of situation where it is fairly obvious or evident of who is responsible for the collision.  If you come across a situation where you have been involved in a collision, and you can get a police report get it. If you can’t get a police report, get a personal injury attorney because he or she may be able to help you in obtaining justice for your injuries.

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