I remember the police officer sitting on the boat in front of me. She was telling me you're gonna be okay and I told her no I'm not, don't lie to me, no I'm not.  There was a boat coming right for us, the boat came up over us and the propeller literally got this whole side of my body. Three weeks later I remember waking up after a long time and being told that I would never use this arm again. 

A lot of attorneys actually showed up at my hospital but once they found out the driver of the other boat didn't have insurance they walked away. When I called Inland Empire Law Group and he said to come in, let me see what I can do for you. He came in and I chatted with him. He was very sympathetic and caring and he wanted to fight for me. David took that case on and fought it hard and we won the case. I didn't feel like I was a number, I was actually a human being taken care of.  

David Ricks
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