Uninsured motorist coverage is one of the most important aspects of your insurance policy. This is the policy that protects you from the harm that is caused to you by another driver. Many drivers on our roads only have liability insurance. Many times that liability insurance coverage is insufficient to protect you or to pay you for the damages you suffered as the result of an accident. How do you protect yourself in that situation? You own uninsured motorist coverage. Uninsured motorist coverage can apply to you in the event that the person who caused your accident is uninsured or under-insured and cannot compensate you for the losses that you sustained in an accident. I always want to make sure that my motorist coverage is at a sufficient level that I can recover from any losses that are lost that I may have, and that might be significant.  I might look at how many years of income I want to protect, or significant losses in medical. I want to make sure that portion of my coverage is there to protect me, to protect my family, to protect my friends that are in my car and to make sure that they protected in the event of an accident.
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