What Is Full Insurance Coverage? How Much Coverage Do You Need to Adequately Protect Yourself in an Accident?

Welcome, my name is David Ricks. I am a personal injury trial lawyer in Rancho Cucamonga and the principle of the Inland Empire Law Group. When people are involved in an accident they want to make sure that they have all the insurance that they need. One of the things that a client may tell me is that they have "full" insurance coverage. What is full insurance coverage? I consider full insurance coverage to be enough insurance to cover all the harms and losses that person suffered as a result of that accident.

Let me give you some examples. Let’s assume that a person has an accident and it results in somewhere near the neighborhood of twenty- five thousand dollars in losses including medical expenses, loss of earning and things of that nature. The other party may only have fifteen thousand dollars in insurance coverage. If there is no other insurance coverage available then that loss would be subject to a fifteen thousand dollar insurance limit. And that person may not recover all of their losses. In other words they would not be fully insured. But if they had a uninsured or underinsured insurance policy that exceeded the fifteen thousand dollars, let’s say an amount of twenty five thousand or fifty thousand dollars then they would be full covered because then there would be enough insurance to cover all the losses that person has suffered. Now, when we look at insurance we look at different things. We look at liability coverage, we look at uninsured motorist coverage, and we look at medical expense coverage. Those things are really important to determine if you have enough insurance coverage to protect you from the losses and the harm that you have suffered. When we talk about full insurance coverage we are talking about enough insurance to cover all the harm and all the losses suffered by an individual in an accident. 

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