Welcome, my name is David Ricks, I am a personal injury trial lawyer in Rancho Cucamonga and the principal of the Inland Empire Law Group. A question that is often asked is, why did my attorney drop my personal injury case? There may be many reasons why that happens, one might because at the beginning of the case the attorney believes that there one set of facts that apply that would that would lead to liability on the opposing side. But during the investigation of the case that attorney determines that his client may have been more negligent then initially been disclosed to him or her, and that attorney may want to step out of that case because of the potential claim against the client as opposed the client against the other side. So that might be one reason. Another reason might be because the injured individual does not cooperate with the attorney’s office. Or does not participate with his or her own medical care. As a result there are some major gaps or holes in the case because the person has not done what he or she was supposed to do. Or situations might be where the attorney has asked the individual to help him or her to respond to discovery that is part of the litigation case. And that client or the individual has not participated by providing honest and truthful responses. As a result that attorney cannot go forward with the case because he or she has not answered any of the questions that are personal nature to the individual. One last possibility, and there are probably many other possibilities is, that the individual has asked that attorney to do things which are unethical or improper. If that is the case, the attorney has a duty to withdraw as counsel for that individual. Those are just a few reasons why an attorney might drop your personal injury case. But if that may be many others. If that happens, and you still want to peruse that case. You will want to talk to another personal injury lawyer and disclose all that information to that lawyer to help him or her make appropriate decisions about whether or not your case has validity and should proceed forward.

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