An 8-year-old Temecula boy, while riding his bike, avoided apparently severe head trauma after he was hit by a pickup truck in Temecula.  The Press Enterprise reports from an officer on the scene that "The damaged bicycle was dragged under the pickup for about 50 feet following the collision."  There were no further details on the status of any other injuries to the boy.

This simple story tells us several things.  First, the proper use of the safety helmet really did its job.  Second, the mandatory use of bicycle safety helmets arose as a result of work by trial lawyers representing injured parties.  In fact, 7 stages of lewy body dementia safety equipment has often been implemented and developed by the work of attorneys bringing matters of safety to the forefront through litigation and personal injury lawsuits.

While many will bemoan the evils of the trial lawyers, we have safer vehicles, equipment, products and everyday items.  Think of the Pinto cases where Ford merely put a price on the lifes that would be lost rather than to correct a known safety failure.  Now, the cars of today have real safety features that have reduced the loss of life and serious injury.  Is the monetary cost so great that it is not worth preventing the wrongful deaths or serious injuries of many people?

I do not want to think of what might have happened to this 8 year old boy had he not been wearing a proper safety helmet. 

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