ambulance chasing

What is ambulance chasing?

We have all seen the image of lawyers who chase after an ambulance after a car accident. Ambulance chasing is illegal, whether by the attorney or by someone on their behalf. The law prohibits “runners” and “cappers” (B & P C sec. 6151) which are persons seeking business for an attorney from hospitals, accident scenes, courthouses, any public or private property. The law does not prohibit the recommendation of an attorney so long as it does not violate the State Bar rules. Unfortunately, in Southern California there are attorneys and law firms that disregard the law and attempt to secure cases and clients illegally. According to California law, any contract creating an attorney-client relationship that was secured in this illegal fashion is void. (B & P C sec. 6154).

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The State Bar in every U.S. state prohibits this practice. The attorneys at Inland Empire Law Group will never accept cases from runners and cappers. If you or someone you know has been approached improperly regarding an injury, do not sign an agreement with them. They have already proved they cannot be trusted. If you know someone that has signed an agreement with a lawyer that “capped” the case, contact our Rancho Cucamonga attorneys today to get out of the contract and contact the State Bar.

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