I was recently contacted by a young lady who wanted to know if she needed an attorney for her personal injury claim. She described the circumstances of her Apple Valley car accident. She described the injuries she had suffered and her present condition. She was in pain from the accident and there had been passengers in her car that were also injured and hurting. After considering the facts of this auto collision and the resulting injuries, I answered her question this way. When we get hurt we evaluate our condition and determine whether we need medical care. If the injury is minor, such as a simple cut or a minor burn, then we most likely apply some ointment and a band aid and it will most likely heals. There is no need for a doctor to be involved. However, if the injury is more severe, then there is a greater likelihood that the expense and need for treatment by a trained doctor increases. Now you might treat the injury yourself and that might be alright, but it is more likely there will be greater problems because treatment was not immediately sought. The need for an attorney similarly increases with the severity of the injury. A parking lot low impact accident with no injuries does not need and attorney to resolve the issue. But a freeway accident with life altering injuries absolutely requires an experienced personal injury lawyer. Otherwise, you will find yourself working against skilled and cunning insurance adjusters. They have years of training and know how to use even the smallest facts against you. A skilled lawyer protects you from the innocent mistakes made by the untrained injury victim and maximizes the potential recovery by showing why that case is worth more than the offer made by insurance company.
Not every case needs a lawyer, but every case should be evaluated early by a good personal injury law firm. The Inland Empire Law Group provides a free initial consultation to injury victims and will provide direction to you regardless of whether you need a lawyer or engage the Inland Empire Law Group for your personal injury claim.
Don't be like so many that wait to see if the insurance adjuster will be "fair" in settling their case only to find out they compromised their rights and their recovery. Make the call to a good personal injury attorney that has your best interest in mind.

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