This photo has no relationship to the accident discussed.Passengers who are injured in accidents may have claims against the driver of another vehicle who causes an accident, or the driver of the vehicle occupied by the passenger, or both. A major challenge comes when the driver and the passenger live in the same household and are relatives. The reason this is challenging is that the insurance coverage which may be available for anyone else who might be hurt by the driver does not necessarily extend to a family member of the same household. This is called the Family-Household Exclusion clause.  Insurance companies often exclude any insurance coverage for those living in the same household and/or are related.  The reason this exclusion is included in some (most) insurance policies is that of the partiality that comes with related people who live together.   

Reasonable Compensation for Losses Suffered

In a recent accident, a Mira Loma man died in Ontario, California, when a Ford Explorer left the road and crashed. The passenger was a 40-year-old man.  While the details on this accident do not indicate the relationship between the driver and passenger, knowing that information may be critically important in the event the family of the passenger is going to secure some measure of reasonable compensation for the losses suffered from this death.

Understanding all the rules, limitations, and applicable insurance coverages are one of the reasons why a good personal injury attorney in Victorville, CA is required to evaluate any possible claim for injury or death.  Learn the answers before you even know what questions to ask by calling 909-481-0100.

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