Motorcycle accident due to U-turnAn Ontario passenger on a motorcycle lost her life in a collision with a Honda Accord when the Honda made a u-turn in front of the motorcyclist and the passenger. This tragic accident occurred on Milliken Avenue in Ontario near Brickell Street. Alicia Guaderrama was the passenger in this accident. 

Like this motorcycle accident, so many motorcycle accidents happen with a sudden turn of a vehicle, a slight shift of a car or truck by an unaware driver, or a mere lapse of attentiveness to those cyclists who are at the mercy of the vehicles and their drivers sharing the roadways and highways. Unfortunately, these collisions can and often do result in very serious injuries or even death of the motorcyclists or their passengers.

The second tragedy following a motorcycle accident is the way the motorcyclists treated and judged through the eyes of prejudice or bias. These biases are displayed by thoughts that the accident had to be due to a reckless rider or excessive speed. In fact, most motorcyclists are very cautious and comply with the laws for their own safety. Overcoming those prejudices harbored by insurance company adjusters or jurors is a key to clearing the good name of a cyclist and providing proper financial restitution for the losses suffered in motorcycle vs. car or truck accident.

There are quality licensed California attorneys available to handle motorcycle accident cases. Ethical attorneys will not knock on your door, call your home or visit the hospital without being invited. "Ambulance Chasers" are not quality attorneys. If any motorcyclist has been improperly solicited by an attorney or an attorney’s representative, report these attorneys to the State Bar of California. When you seek an attorney, find one who will understand your individual needs or the family’s losses. These attorneys can then focus on finding a solution to the challenges in securing reasonable compensation and can break down the resistance by the insurance companies or others who stand in your way of a proper recovery.

For those injured in motorcycle, automobile or truck collisions in California, the Inland Empire Law Group stands ready to ethically and aggressively help injury victims recover from their injuries. Call for a complimentary consultation and learn your rights, 909-481-0100 or toll-free 1-888-MY-IELAWYER.

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