Forest Falls experienced the loss of a 7 year-old girl and injuries to her family members following an accident involving a pick-up truck on a slick icy roadway. At the Valley of the Falls Drive, a pickup truck appears to have slipped off the road and into a 7 year old San Bernardino girl and her family as they stood outside of their own pickup truck. Four family members were struck by the sliding pickup, as the pickup was leaving the area. The young girl's uncle was seriously injured, while her father and sister escaped serious injury. The CHP was continuing its investigation. The San Bernardino Sun reported on this accident.

Weather related accidents, especially those involving snow and ice are especially dangerous for Southern California drivers. Without the experience of other drivers from snowy and cold regions, Southern California drivers seem to lack the experience, understanding and know how in handling ice, snow and slick roads. Often, California drivers drive too fast in deteriorated road conditions. Others, don’t understand how to combat slick icy roads by tapping brakes and turning wheels towards the direction of the sliding vehicle instead of in opposition with fixed brakes pressed.

Unfortunately, 7 year old Marissa Trujillo and her family were victims of an ill prepared driver who allowed a pickup truck to inflict death and serious injury on an innocent family enjoying the fresh snow and changing weather.

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