The failure of conducting proper safety inspections can be shown by a recent tragic accident on the 210 Freeway in San Dimas, California. While traveling eastbound through San Dimas, California, on the 210 Freeway, a 62-year-old San Bernardino man was struck and killed by an errant tire that came off of a small pick up truck traveling in the opposite direction on the freeway. After separating from the read of the ruck, the tire began to bounce and cleared the center divider K-rail then ended up going through the windshield of a 2008 Toyota Camry. After causing this fatal blow to the driver of the Camry the tire continued down the road striking as may as six other cars before finally stopping its path of destruction.

Tragically, the early morning accident resulted in the death of David Ballejos of San Bernardino.

This accident was completely avoidable with a routine safety check of the truck. Routine maintenance and inspection of your vehicle is so important before setting out for any long trip. Failure to perform such an inspection can directly lead to injuries to you or others. While this accident was very odd, it was not unprecedented. I handled a case nearly identical to this case, but fortunately, my client was only injured and not killed. The key in that case was identifying all responsible parties, such as the driver and owner of the car and the employer of the driver. Only by finding all the sources of insurance to cover the losses, way my client able to receive sufficient compensation for the injuries he suffered.

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