An Inland Empire accident in Loma Linda on Interstate 10 freeway on Sunday, October 27, 2013, involved six separate cars and several injuries. One injured person was taken to the hospital while others refused hospital care. Following an accident of this kind, injuries can be immediately visible requiring medical attention at the scene, or at a nearby hospital directly following the accident. For others, their injuries from these accidents are not immediately known but are felt within hours or days following the accident.

Did The Injury Really Happen in The Accident?

So if injuries are not immediately reported to the police or emergency personnel, were injuries really suffered in the accident? Insurance adjusters on the side of the defense will claim that if injuries were not immediately reported then they don’t exist or that these injuries are not very serious. This position is completely erroneous. Due to adrenaline, nervousness, concern for others and other issues, many injuries are not realized until the person has left the scene of the accident. These later discovered injuries can actually be very serious and just as challenging as the injuries which cause a person to be transported to the hospital. In fact, these injuries may even require major surgery or a lifetime of treatment.

The One Piece of Car Accident Advice to Follow

An accident victim needs to follow this one bit of advice to prevent losing important rights against a negligent driver and losing the ability to secure proper compensation for the injuries suffered. As soon as there is the sensation of pain, or some difficulty from the accident, either physically or emotionally, see a doctor or go to the emergency room to get checked out. Learn what is medically wrong, then learn what medical care is required to correct the injury. Waiting too long can seriously hurt any financial recovery and the credibility of the person claiming they were seriously injured in the accident.

There is a very close relationship between proper financial recovery from an insurance company for injuries and the diligence of the injury victim in getting proper medical care. If you have been in a car accident in San Bernardino County contact The Inland Empire Law Group today at 909.481.0100. 

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