A couple of weeks ago I found myself in a local emergency room. As I sat waiting to be seen I thought I should share a few thoughts about that experience. First, it was incredibly crowded. While I have no idea why each person was there, I was amazed at the professionalism and quality of those providing medical care to so many different people with such varied ailments, illnesses and injuries. I give them a big thumbs up for their service.

Some might question my sincerity due to the fact I file lawsuits against negligent doctors. But the reality is good doctors and medical providers don't support the bad doctors and the damage they cause to the profession. Lawyers and lawsuits, while often distasteful to many, are necessary to bring to light the bad doctors and their errors and to compensate the victims of medical negligence. Recently I settled two medical negligence lawsuits which provided some financial relief to my clients and also helped several doctors and a pharmacist improve their future care for future patients. I believe the long term benefit of proper medical negligence lawsuits far out weighs the cost associated to the doctors and medical facilities. The guilty, and those protecting them may otherwise disagree, but those are not the ones I most care about. What I see is that following a legitimate lawsuit, proper testing gets done and the right treatment is rendered for those that follow. If there are repeat offenders, they get culled out of the medical community either by the medical board or by the cost of doing business.

If you have a need for a doctor, research the physician's history with the medical board and check the local court website for lawsuits filed against the doctor. Always be cautious of the doctor who does not have malpractice insurance. If serious problems arise he or she may not have the resources to pay for your losses. We just experienced that scenario as well. Some doctors intentionally practice without insurance for the very purpose of discouraging medical negligence claims against them. Honestly, what kind of doctor is more worried about killing a potential lawsuit rather than protecting the patient from his unintentional error.

I honor the excellent men and women who go to school for years, who sacrifice their sleep and their own health to render care to those who would otherwise suffer and/or die without their expertise and skills. I will be vigilant to only pursue truly wrongful claims resulting in unnecessary damages and losses to the victims of medical negligence.

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