Notepad and PenLet's start with a test? Ask yourself these questions.

What did you do one week before you read this article?

When was the last time you took medication for any pain you suffered?

What was said during your last conversation with your child or best friend?

What questions did your doctor ask you at your last visit?

Were you able to answer all these questions with the clarity of having just experienced each of those events? Of course you couldn't. Now granted, these events are not significant and may not have affected you as would a serious or traumatic event like a major injury. However, the reality is that after two years between an accident and a deposition or trial, the same failure of memory will visit you during your attempts to recall the event. When memories fail, the defense attorneys take advantage and imply you are being dishonest because you cannot remember specific facts associated with serious events.

Keeping Detailed Records of Treatments and Medications Removes Doubt from Your Claim

For example, I just finished the deposition of one of my clients regarding a rear-end impact car accident. During that deposition many of the responses to the questions posed were "I don't remember" or "I can't recall that" or a similar response. Those responses could have been much more certain after reviewing a contemporaneously maintained personal injury journal. Being able to respond to questions with certainty and firmness often persuade an insurance company or a jury to provide you greater compensation than the person who cannot remember how long they treated with the doctor or the road they were traveling on prior to the accident or some similar fact. Journals allow you to review and remember past events.

So why keep a personal injury journal? To make sure you don't forget critical facts which could make up the difference between a large settlement and a small lack luster return. If you haven't kept a journal, start now and don't give up until after your case is done.

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