car accident attorneysFirst, what is a hit and run accident? This is an accident where at least one driver hits a car, a pedestrian or some other object, then flees the scene of the accident without leaving their information or waiting for authorities. Leaving an accident in this manner is illegal and violates Vehicle Code 20002. Sometimes, the victims or witnesses of the accident capture the information of the departing driver, so the person can be tracked down following the accident. Other times, the driver escapes detection leaving the injured person or property without right or remedy against the negligent driver. The handling of personal injury or property damage claims differ significantly between when the hit and run driver is found verses an unknown driver.

Hit and Run Drivers

The key to the successful recovery of damages for injuries suffered in a hit and run accident often depends on available liability and/or uninsured motorist insurance from which recovery can be secured. If the fleeing driver is detected, often law enforcement will issue a ticket and secure the information regarding the driver and/or vehicle involved. Thereafter, a search for liability insurance begins the process of seeking compensation. If no liability insurance is found, or the hit and run car is never found, then the injured victim can turn to his or her uninsured motorist coverage, if available.  

If the driver and/or car involved in the hit and run accident is not found, or the victim does not have uninsured motorist insurance coverage, then the likelihood of recovery is nearly impossible. The only other chance for some relief is an application to Victims of Violent Crimes or merely turning to your own health insurance coverage for proper medical care. If the injuries are debilitating, then disability insurance or Social Security may be the last resort of recovery available.

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