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In 2010 and 2011, Fontana experienced 20 deaths from automobile accidents each year.  

California car accidents that results in a wrongful death, the remaining family needs an experienced personal injury lawyer.

The statistics from Fontana, California show that the City experienced 30 deaths from traffic accidents throughout the City. The surprising facts are that most of those accidents did not occur on the I-15 freeway or the I-10 Interstate Freeway. Most of the accidents causing the premature deaths of both passengers and pedestrians occurred on the surface streets of the City of Fontana.
In 2011, Fontana had 11 deaths from car accidents. Of those accidents, 2 deaths involved drunk drivers. Pedestrian involved automobile accidents resulted in 5 deaths. The accidents involved 15 vehicles and 23 individuals. The most interesting factor is that of all these fatalities, they all occurred in the evening hours, 6 deaths occurring, while the remaining 5 deaths occurred in the early morning hours.
In 2010, the City of Fontana had 9 deaths as well from automobile accidents. 3 of those deaths from a vehicle collision also involved one or more drunk drivers. Pedestrian deaths only amounted to 2 of those deaths. Once again all these accidents occurred in the morning hours from midnight to noon.
These statistics come from fatal car crashes and road traffic accidents in Fontana, California, 
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