As our society ages, the likelihood or prevalence of elder abuse will also rise.  However, many times an individual or family of a senior citizen my not know that elder abuse is even occurring.  It is critical that everyone dealing with a senior citizen remains vigilant to prevent elder abuse.  Most people think that elder abuse is only physical abuse, however, there are several other areas of elder abuse that have been identified as rising to the level of elder abuse.  These include, abandonment (Welfare and Institute Code section 15610.05); false imprisonment [Penal Code sections 236 and 368(f)]; financial abuse (Welfare and Institute Code section 15610.30); isolation (Welfare and Institute Code section 15610.43); neglect (Welfare and Institute Code section 15610.57); physical abuse (Welfare and Institute Code section 15610.63) and psychological abuse (Welfare and Institute Code section 15610.53).

Protect your loved ones from these types of abuses and help them find an attorney that can secure the appropriate compensation for those that may have perpetrated these abuses on your elderly loved ones.  Examples of non-physical abuse, elder abuse, would include, financially manipulating and aged citizen without any rational benefit for the victim, taking advantage of an elderly person through a consumer scam, such as, a charity scam, door to door solicitation, home repair or improvement fraud, mortgage fraud and telemarketing fraud..

Contact the Inland Empire Law Group to help you evaluate whether or not you have an elder abuse case.  Upon review of your case facts, we can assess the viability of your case as an elder abuse claim which would be combined with other causes of action.  Either submit your case information through this website or contact us at 1-888-MY-IELAW or 1-909-481-0100.

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