Not all slip and fall accidents happen on private or commercial property. Occasionally, these premises liability accidents occur on city, state, or federal government property and may leave victims confused about their legal rights. Although pursuing compensation for slip and fall injuries that take place on government property can be a bit more challenging than seeking slip and fall on government propertycompensation for similar injuries that occurred on private or commercial property, it can be done. If the victim abides by stringent reporting deadlines and can prove that the government entity's negligence was the cause of the injuries, it’s possible to be compesnated for your injuries.

You Must Prove Negligence to Be Eligible for Damages

Slipping on government property or falling in a government-owned building isn't enough to ensure a successful outcome in a premises liability case. In order for the case to be considered, you must prove that the government entity or government employee in question was negligent in maintaining a safe environment, and that this negligence was the direct cause of the injuries. In these cases, careful documentation of the accident scene and your injuries is extremely important. If you fail to document the disrepair of cracked or uneven sidewalks, crumbling steps, or even potholes, these things can be patched and fixed quickly, making your claim much harder to prove. Use a digital or cell phone camera to take photos of the accident scene as soon as possible, and photograph your injuries, also. Additionally, you should get detailed medical records that describe every aspect of your injuries. Likewise, be sure to tell your doctor exactly how you sustained them.

Pay Attention to Time and Notice Deadlines

In most cases, if you want to pursue compensation from a government entity for injuries sustained on government-owned property, you'll have to move quickly. City, state, and federal governments often have strict reporting guidelines in place, and missing these deadlines can cause your case to be dismissed. To prevent this from happening, file an official notice of injury with the appropriate government agency as soon as possible. The notice should include:

  • The date of the injury,
  • Your name and contact information,
  • A detailed description of the accident,
  • A thorough description of your injuries, as well as early related medical bills or financial losses,
  • A statement claiming that the government entity or employee in question was negligent, as well as how that negligence resulted in your injuries.

Because the deadline for filing the injury notice can be as short as 30 days, it's important to file the notice as soon as possible. Additionally, it's important to note that while financial awards in most private or commercial property premises liability cases are decided by juries, most government agencies limit damages in personal injury claims, and this limit can vary by government entity. Having skilled legal representation can help ensure that you receive the fairest financial settlement possible.

An Experienced Slip & Fall Lawyer Can Help You File a Claim the Right Way

If you were seriously injured in a slip and fall premises liability accident that happened on government property, you may be dealing with a painful recovery period and a great deal of unexpected medical debt. Both can take a toll on your finances and emotional well-being. Don't let the government's strict reporting requirements and deadlines deter you from pursuing the compensation you need to sustain your financial and emotional footing. Let the experienced and knowledgeable slip and fall lawyers at the Inland Empire Law Group navigate the legal process to help you seek any compensation you may deserve for medical bills, lost wages, or pain and suffering. With so much at stake, it's often too risky for accident victims to go it alone. Let us provide you with the legal representation you need and deserve. Contact the skilled attorneys in our Rancho Cucamonga or Victorville law offices today for a no-cost, no-obligation evaluation of your case.


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