I am an attorney in the local area and needed to find an attorney for an employment matter.  Finding the right attorney can be very difficult in spite of the resources available on the Internet.  There are many questions to research and/or ask a potential attorney before you hire him or her.

Fortunately for me, I did my research and chose David Ricks. I have to say that I was highly satisfied with the way he dealt with me and the way he handled my legal matter. The outcome was better than I expected and his fees were more than reasonable. He showed compassion for my situation.
Since the resolution of the matter, I have recommended David Ricks to my friends and business associates on several occasions.  He is just that good - both as a person and as an attorney.  I have a new rule that I only want to do business with nice people and David Ricks fits the bill.  If that is your policy as well, make an appointment with David and see how he can be of service to you.
Charlie Hill