Melinda O. used David H. Ricks and had this to say about her experience:

I chose David Ricks & Assoc. Attorney, as 1 out of 5 other law offices I called in initial search.  He personally took my call, and listened carefully to my questions regarding my legal problem, and responded with patience, a few questions, and a knowledgeable answer.  He asked me to come in for a free consultation.   My case was a medical malpractice which involved a family member who had passed away.  It was a very painful, yet unusual situation, not a clear case of guilt.  But I chose him as the attorney I wanted to represent me, because he listened with sensitivity, heart, and with regards to the  moral aspect.  He was honest about his assessment of the difficulty of the case, but he and his staff started the research immediately.  They were always responsive when I called and met all deadlines for legal responses, and took the time to prepare with me before depositions.  He educated me on the legal challenges at each step, but he still fought hard for me, always with regard for the strong emotional feelings involved.  His commitment to doing his best resulted in a favorable settlement.  I will use him again if I need legal help.