motorcycle accident attorney A serious and life-altering motorcycle collision occurred in Apple Valley on Saturday, August 22, 2015.  In this car versus motorcycle collision, a car pulled out making a left turn in front of a motorcycle ridden by Eric and Wendy Miller.  The investigation into the accident should disclose the cause of the collision, however, it may never fully disclose the information necessary to determine the cause of the collision.  After the collision report is completed, further investigations will take place by the lawyers hired by both sides.  The motorcycle injury victims will need to hire the best lawyer for them so they can have the best chance to help recoup, at least in part, some of their losses, including their medical expenses, loss of earnings and future earnings and their pain and suffering.  Unfortunately, the serious injuries suffered by these motorcyclists will never be fully and properly compensated by money.  But our imperfect society has no other way to provide restitution for the harms and losses suffered by an injury victim.

Having the Right Representation Matters After a Motorcycle Accident

On the opposite side of the equation is the insurance defense lawyer who will attempt to mitigate, or reduce, the amount of the claim, if possible.

One of the most important limiting factors for a proper and just restitution following an accident is the availability of insurance coverage and/or assets to pay any claim.  This limiting factor is an artificial limitation since it often has no bearing on the true value of a claim.  To minimize the effect this limiting factor has on one’s claim, an experienced lawyer will look to various means to find every source of potential insurance coverage available.  Always seek out a really determined personal injury lawyer when dealing with a serious injury claim.  Find a lawyer who is truly interested in your best outcome and who can stand up to the insurance company.

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Anyone suffering from an Inland Empire motorcycle collision should contact a local attorney experienced in helping Inland Empire residents with their injury claims.  Call the Inland Empire Law Group for answers and help with any collision case.  A short telephone call will put you in touch with experienced individuals working with one goal in mind, that is to do their best for their client.  Call 909-481-0100 for all the information necessary to help make an educated decision about who to hire for an injury claim.

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