Car AccidentHere is an example, on May 22, 2012, a tragic accident occurred in Yucaipa, California when a Redland woman was driving a 1997 Honda Civic, sadly crossed the center divider on Bryant Street, and ran into another car driving southbound.  The southbound driver was unable to avoid the accident resulting in a head-on collision.  (Information derived from San Bernardino Sun).

 This loss of life is horrific and unfortunate and we are saddened by this tragedy.  For the innocent driver who was struck by the negligent driver in coming across the center divider may have also suffered injuries which may be minor or the could be major and life-altering.  Even though the negligent driver died, a claim can still be made for recovery of personal injuries and damages.  The injured person has legal rights against the insurance company that insured the deceased individual and/or the car being driven by that person.  In certain circumstances, if the insurance is insufficient, and there is a financial estate left behind, those assets could also be available to help pay for the damages and losses.

Protect Yourself After A California Car Accident

 Unfortunately, accidents occur.  Sometimes in those accidents, people are seriously injured or may even lose their life.  It is important to protect yourself and your loved ones with proper insurance prior to an accident, and if an accident does occur, then hire an excellent personal injury attorney who can help navigate the difficult process of making a personal injury claim and secure a proper recovery. 

Keep in mind that hiring a great car accident injury attorney in Yucaipa, Redlands or any other location in Southern California requires research and time.  Lawyers will provide injury victims with free consultations so you can evaluate them and decide which attorney will meet your needs.

The Inland Empire Law Group, a Rancho Cucamonga law firm, helps injury victims from car accidents in cities from the High Desert of Victorville and Apple Valley to Indio and Palm Springs and west to Glendora and San Dimas down to Murrietta and Temecula.  If you need help with a personal injury claim in the Inland Empire, please give us a call.  (909) 481-0100.

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