Driving on our local freeways, such as the I-10 or I-15, we share the roadways with many large semi-trucks and other large vehicles. While most of these drivers are experienced and highly capable, occasionally some drivers are negligent in operating their vehicles.

Truck drivers operate large vehcles and have a responsibility to maintain high standards of safety. Where they fall short of those standards, serious accidents happen. At the Inland Empire Law Group, we represent clients who have been severely injured and lost family members due to negligent truck drivers.

Investigating a truck accident can be a complex maze of information, testimony, and evidence. The rules and regulations that truck drivers must follow when operating an 18 wheeler are lengthy and complicated. Those rules relate to how long a truck driver can drive and how many breaks they must take. Maintenance schedules must be adhered to as well.

After a Truck Accident, You Need an Experienced Attorney on Your Side

At the Inland Empire Law Group, we not only provide our clients our legal knowledge and experience in this area, but also partner with experts in analyzing the truck accident. Reconstructionists experienced in trucking accidents address specific issues that involve truck accident claims. They review the actual history of the tractor-trailer, the driving records of the driver, and data from the "black box" (if the truck it contains one) that shows rate of speed, braking, and any extreme turns.


While we are handling the legal and investigative matters of your trucking accident, your focus should be on recovering from your injuries. That involves attending doctor appointments, therapy sessions, and a knee surgery. Our team of attorneys and experts do their best to take part of the burden while you get better. You have a right to compensation if you have been injured due to a truck driver named inattentive or violating the law. Wow settlements are the most likely outcome, we will prepare your case as if we were going to trial. The opposing party will know that we are serious in prosecuting your rights to secure the best outcome for you.

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