victorville car accident lawyer drunk driving fatalitiesWe were recently considering another blog or article on drunk driving and how it affects the victims. To support our blog I did some research on drunk driving car accidents in Victorville, California. I was surprised to see how many drunk driving fatalities in the high desert, especially Victorville. These types of deaths are generally called wrongful death claims.  During that same research, our Victorville car accident lawyer ran across a news article about two women who were struck by a drunk driver on the I-10 freeway.

Loma Linda Experiences the Death of a Teenage Girl by a Drunk Driver

The article outlined that Vickie Chen, a 19-year-old woman, was struck on the 10 Freeway near the Richardson Street overpass in Loma Linda, by a drunken driver when she and her friend, both from Rosemead were trying to change a tire along the side of the freeway. At that moment, a drunk driver came along at 70 mph, smashed into the disabled car and ran over the two woman. Several days went by between the accident and Ms. Chen’s passing. Her friend, Ms. Elaine Shin Ly suffered contusions and a compound fracture of her right leg.

Tens of thousands of drunk driving fatalities occur each year in the United States with many of those occurring in Southern California. The tragedy associated with this loss can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, even if the driver has insurance coverage, not all the insurance in the world can make up for this loss. So often it is not the drunk driver that gets hurt, but some innocent person, like a stranded motorist.

Seriously injured victims of drunk driving accidents can potentially recover damages for their medical expenses, loss of earnings and any other actual loss. Additionally, recovery for pain and suffering damages, loss of enjoyment of life and other similar damages may be recovered. It's very important that when you are looking to recover compensation that you consult with an experienced and skilled Victorville car accident lawyer before you do.

Finally, under the right circumstances, punitive damages may be recovered from the drunk driver. Unfortunately, punitive damages cannot be paid for by insurance coverage. Therefore, if the intoxicated and negligent driver has no assets, punitive damages are useless.

Our Victorville Car Accident Lawyer Can Help With Drunk Driving Fatalities in California 

Here are some recommendations if you or a family member has been injured or lost their life due to a drunk driver. First, receive the proper medical care or emergency attention. Second, obtain an experienced Victorville car accident lawyer that is experienced and competent in the area of personal injury law or wrongful death recovery. Thereafter, focus on your physical and emotional recovery while your attorney works on securing the best recovery for you.

If you have a story about a drunk driving accident or questions about a possible claim that you want to share call our Victorville car accident lawyer, contact our firm online or give us a call today at (909) 481-0100

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