Summer Pool Safety Protecting Your Self and Children From Pool Accidents

With the beginning of Summer in full swing, we find ourselves outside more and enjoying the adventures of travel and vacation. Without school in session, our children are outside on bikes, skateboards, swimming and engaging in all kinds of activities. These activities are great for our children who often spend too much time inside, in front of a computer screen or attached to a video game. The downside of these physical activities is the increased level of risk for injury or death. All to often, many of the injuries or death are preventable by both the children and those who cause the injury or death.

One cause of serious injuries or death to children, and even adults, is drowning in pools. I read about a 10 year old boy who drowned in a Rialto swimming pool. The tragedy of such an event is horrific and traumatic on both the family who lost the child and the family whose pool the child drowned in. Here are some tips for the swimmers to reduce the likelihood of drowning:

Summer Pool Safety Tips

  1. Never swim alone.
  2. Don’t jump into a pool head first unless you already know it is deep enough.
  3. If you are not a good swimmer, don’t enter the water deeper than your chest
  4. Don’t drink alcohol while using a hot tub.

If You Own a Pool, Make Sure You Have the Following in Place:

  1. A good insurance policy to protect you and your guests from any accidents.
  2. Make sure your perimeter gate around your yard or pool is secure and sufficient to keep out young children without adult supervision.
  3. Provide instructions to those who use the pool not to swim alone
  4. When you have a group of swimmers, assign one adult to be focused on the pool activities only.

Drowning of individuals will happen in just an instant and often without any warning. Contrary to the way it looks in movies, drowning victims often do not flap around on top of the water. They often silently slip under the surface of the water and are not seen or heard from after dropping below the water.

Enjoy the Summer activities safely. If you have family members who have suffered an injury from a drowning or outdoor activities, give the Inland Empire Law Group a call to see if there is anything that can be done to help you recover financially from such an injury.