A Main Street Multi-Vehicle Collision Sends a Woman to the Hospital

On February 22, 2016, a multiple vehicle collision caused a woman to suffer serious injuries which required her to be airlifted to a local hospital.  At the time emergency personnel arrived on the scene of the collision the woman was unconscious and had to be extricated from the vehicle.

According to early reports of how the collision occurred, it appears that a Ford Explorer suddenly veered into the westbound lanes of Main Street in Hesperia, California as it headed east.  The sudden movement into the oncoming lanes caused the Ford to strike head on a Pontiac which suddenly shifted lanes only to be it by another vehicle as it was traveling in the adjoining westbound lane.

The Pontiac’s driver, a 40 year old woman, was transported to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center for treatment.

Head-on collisions are nearly always extremely serious because the striking speed of the two vehicles is so great.  A car traveling at 40 mph hitting another car traveling at 30 mph, ends up in a 70 mph impact.  No car can be made completely safe when struck with such force.  Oftentimes, a frontal impact or a near frontal impact causes the occupants of both vehicles to be launched forward as the cars come to an abrupt stop.  The body and head, while partially restrained by a seatbelt still move forward while the car underneath the occupant stops abruptly.  The head and upper body move forward in a whipping action, often the interior of the vehicle is being crushed into the passenger compartment thereby causing damage to the legs, knees, feet and hands.  If equipped with an air bag, the air bag explodes into the face of the front passenger occupants, attempting to minimize the damage to the vehicle occupants.

All of this happens in a matter of seconds, or even fractions of seconds.  Suddenly, life changes for those in the collision, for their family members, their friends, co-workers and others.  Sometimes, the damage can be repaired, or mostly repaired, other times the damage is irreversible.  When tragedy strikes, when the loss seems overwhelming, we as humans turn to support of our faith, our family, doctors and friends.  We seek and hope to find comfort, relief and some peace.  Sometimes, those who have experienced tragedy need an advocate, someone who can stand up for them and assert their rights against those who would deprive them of proper compensation for their losses and harm caused by the negligence of another.  A true advocate represents your interests, your concerns and your needs.  A quality personal injury attorney can be your advocate to help secure financial help while you are dealing with the new challenges of life brought on by a tragic collision or injury.

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