A Pool Serviceman Suffered Serious Dog Bites in Riverside County

Home service people, such as gardeners, pool maintenance people, exterminators or housekeepers are at risk for dog bites from the dogs of the homeowners serviced by them. In the area of De Luz around Temecula, California, a pool service man was attacked and seriously injured by a pit bull mix when he was servicing a customer’s pool. Until he was able to get away from the dog by jumping a fence, he was mauled for over a minute causing extensive damage to his right arm, thigh and face. In this dog attack, the owner of the dog had been warned that the pit bull had been aggressive and needed to be locked up for his safety. Obviously, the homeowner did not heed the warning. (See article here)
Dog bite injuries, especially those caused by a powerful dog such as a pit bull, most often result in serious and lingering physical and psychological injuries. Owners of these dogs are strictly liable for the injuries caused to others. What this means is that a dog owner will be responsible for the injuries caused by the dog regardless of negligence or fault. Dog bite victims are granted legal rights to pursue damages, or in other words money, from the canine owner for the injuries caused by their dogs. Those damages may be paid by an insurance company if there is insurance coverage for the injury, or by the owner of the dog him or herself, if there is no insurance.
Dog attack victims should immediately consult a dog bite attorney to make sure evidence is saved and proper medical care is rendered. Additionally, a dog bite attorney will be able to determine there is insurance coverage for the injuries suffered.
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