One Death and Two Injuries on Dangerous Roadway

Dangerous Driving on California RoadwaysOn a rainy Friday morning on January 25, 2013, two vehicles came crashing into each other on a rain soaked Highway 395 in Victorville, California.  The head on collision left one woman dead and two others injured in the High Desert.  The deceased woman’s Saturn collied head on with an Acura SUV.  While accident was under investigation, the driver and passenger of the SUV were taken to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center to treat their injuries from the accident, while the deceased woman was taken to the San Bernardino County Coroner’s office.

Driving in the rain, or merely on rain soaked roads, increases the possibility of traffic accidents in Southern California and across the County.  Rainy days often result in an increased number of serious accidents.  There are several reasons for this increase.  First is the reduced visibility for  drivers.  To start with, rain affects the ability to see through the front windshield of your car.  Add to the diminished visibility, more reflections off the wet pavement from the surrounding lights, including the headlights or taillights of other cars.  The reflections and moisture on the road obscure lane lines including warn double yellow lines separating oncoming traffic.  Next, is the decreased traction between a car’s tires and the road.  Hydroplaning is generally a problem at higher speeds and with tires that are overly worn and bald.  However, lower speed hydroplaning is also possible.  Early season storms release the oils on the road and these oils combine with the water on the road for a dangerously slick road.  Finally, speed is a major factor in wet weather driving.  Drivers forget to alter their driving habits and slow down in the r

ain.  Conduct that was once safe while driving on a dry surface, quickly becomes dangerous when the road is wet.

While there is presently no indication as to how this accident occurred in Victorville between these two cars, an Acura SUV and a Saturn, it is very possible that the wet roads and the rain, combined with the negligence of one of the drivers,  had something to do with causing this fatal Victorville accident on an already dangerous State Highway 395.

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