Drunk Driver Takes Life After Car Accident in Apple Valley

A family in Apple Valley suffered the loss of 76 yea76-year-old S. Olson because a female drunk driver was texting while driving drunk. Mr. Olson was standing outside his home when he was struck and killed by a passing car. The drunk driver lost control and crashed into a fence and a wall before striking Mr. Olson.
The horror of this accident for this family was compounded when several weeks earlier a family member was killed in a motorcycle accident.
Despite decades of education, warnings and legal prohibitions against drinking and driving, and more recently the restrictions against texting and driving, this accident happened by one person violating several laws prohibiting these dangerous behaviors. Did these laws help the Olson family? Unfortunately, they did not. These same laws provide no benefits to those injured by violators of such laws.

The Right to Recover Damages from Negligent Drivers

Fortunately, there are other laws which allow injury victims to secure the right to recover damages from negligent drivers. Understanding the interaction of these laws with the facts of a particular case is the key to benefitting a person or family in distress following a terrible accident. Finding an attorney who cares enough to help with these problems and put the injured victim and his family as their number one concern makes all the difference between further frustration and some level of relief from the loss.
No expression of condolences, nor financial recovery will ever make up for the loss of a loved one. Nothing will ever do that. Financial recovery from a responsible party is merely a representation and acknowledgment of the wrongdoing of another and the token compensation for that loss. If you have been in a car accident in San Bernadino County or the High Desert in California contact The Inland Empire Law Group today at 909.481.0100
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