Apple Valley teen lost his life while stake boarding

Skateboarders, pedestrians, and bicyclists are three categories of individuals subject to serious injuries from accidents with cars, SUVs, and trucks. One example supporting this statement is an accident involving a 16-year-old boy from Apple Valley who died on November 26, 2014, following an accident when he was hit by a car along Mohawk Road in Apple Valley, California. It is reported by the Victorville Daily Press that the skateboarder was heading southbound on Mohawk Road in the northbound lanes. Just prior to 5:30 p.m. a Jeep Cherokee hit the skateboarder. After about an eight-hour struggle, the young man lost his life.

Tragedies such as this, are nearly always avoidable when all individuals comply with the rules of the road. Unfortunately, the consequences for even a minor mistake by either a driver or an individual will always result in serious consequences for the unprotected skateboarder, pedestrian or bicyclist. Because of this very fact, it is not enough for an individual on a stake board, bicycle or simply their own two feet, to assume that everyone will abide by the law. A simple mistake, failure to observe or negligent turn is all that it takes to alter a person’s life forever. Hyper-vigilance may be the only protection available to those most susceptible to injury in car accident cases.

When a person is injured in a car accident with a skateboarder, pedestrian or a bicyclist the injured person needs quality legal representation. The Inland Empire Law Group provides serious, focused and quality legal representation of injured individuals due to the acts of negligence of others.

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